Now that we're able to eat eggs again, it's time you got yourself (or your loved one) properly set up for luxurious egg enjoyment with the highly regarded Belle egg cup and Bon egg spoon, designed and color coded by the great Konstantin Grcic for Nymphenburg, the also great porcelain manufactory in Germany. Made of glazed porcelain, each is tipped in a color (with this set it's black). The idea is that if you have several people at the table and each wants his egg done to a different degree of doneness, the color coding keeps everything properly organized. You always know whose egg is whose. We offer a limited range of colors (see also grey) because frankly we don't think there are that many people for whom this is a huge problem, so two seemed about right. If you happen to know one of those people, though, have we got a deal for you.
This pair of black porcelain cups were designed by the great Ineke Hans in 2002 and produced by her Netherlands studio. "Ineke Hans is stretching the boundaries of design by 'cracking open' existing codes and introducing new typologies and functions. Combining double layers and narrative 'story telling' with unusual - but appropriated materials, her work is a striking combination of poetry and intelligence." From an essay by Lucy Bullivant, London, 2002. Dimensions: Ø 3.5", height: 2.5". Only ONE set of two cups is available.
Carla Nencioni and Armando Moleri designed Sabrina for famed Italian flatware manufacturer Zani & Zani in 1965. Made from Teflon coated 18/10 stainless steel, the service looks as timeless now as it did fifty years ago. The salad servers have a quirky elegance that will make serving your salads very nearly a topic of discussion.