Professionali Young Wine Stem Luigi Massoni Colle
Following the opening of the Suez-Canal in 1869, Europe became obsessed with oriental ornamentation, and Lobmeyr, in Vienna, had Czech theatre director and designer design a wide range of colorful "oriental" themed decors in their showrooms. One hundred years later, Peter Rath inspired by those same decors, designed these extraordinary hand-enameled tumblers, as tribute to the time. Height 3.75" and diameter 3.5". Designed in 1993, and manufactured by Lobmeyr, Austria.
Designed by Luigi Massoni in 1989 for Colle, this glass is perfect for enjoying a young red wine. Or maybe Sangria. Perfect in every way. And did you notice the price? Notice the price.
Designed in 1912 for Lobmeyr, each glass in the series was made from clear, mouth-blown crystal with hand-painted enamel of this now-iconic pattern. The series is rarely available and is quite arguably the most beautiful glass in the world.
Curated Glassware Angelo Mangiarotti Professionali Champagne Flute Luigi Massoni Colle Curated Glassware Champagne Flutes
The great Angelo Mangiarotti did some of his most extraordinary work for the Italian glassmaker Colle. Two of these strange, polymorphic tumbler services are represented in this curated set of twelve glasses. His "First Glass" service and his "Ebro" service. They are each distinctive and reveal an amazing commitment to challenging the limits of blown glass techniques. Each glass has an absolutely unique feel in the hand. Perhaps the biggest surprise is how intuitively perfect the symbiosis becomes when the two services are combined. They fit together as if always so intended.
Designed by Luigi Massoni in 1989 for Colle, this is the most classic of classic champagne flutes. Perfect in every way. Including and especially the price.
Twelve magnificent champagne flutes, pulled from three of the most important glass maker's services. Lobmeyr's Patrician, Reidel's Sommelier and Colle's Professionali. Each is distinctive, and each set of four plays perfectly with the other two. Tall, stately, with a subtly varying shape to the flute.
Curated Glassware Lobmeyr, Baccarat, Nason and Moretti Zombie glasses vintage set of six
In vino veritas. That's "curated wine glasses" in Latin. Loosely translated. What is true, though, is that we have eight glasses from very important glass makers and designed by very important designers. We have put them together in a way which will allow each of your very important guests to have his (or her) own special and unique wine glass. None of this old everyone drinking from the same glass sort of thing. This is a unique collection. Like we said, in vino veritas.
One of the giants in modern Italian design--architect, urban planner and industrial designer, Angelo Mangiarotti, has worked in glass for decades. Much of his extraordinary work in glassware has been done for Colle, for which he has done several groundbreaking collections.
A kiss is still a kiss, and a Zombie glass is still a Zombie glass. Six tall gorgeous clear crystal tumblers with elegant etched abstract leaf decor, cicra 1938. Perfect for serving very tall, very cool mixed drinks, such as a Zombie or a Mojito. Zombies are so popular at the moment. Your gift could be the hit of the party.