We're not perfect, okay? We have this big warehouse and sometimes an item or two gets inadvertently pushed to the back of one of the many shelves and we sort of lose track of it. It could happen to anyone. Then one day we find it again. Maybe years have gone by. Maybe not. In any case, as thrilled as we are that we have found something fabulous to offer for sale, we do understand that while this wonderful item may not be exactly stale, it surely is no longer exactly fresh. So the logical thing is to lower its price. Which is what we do. Generally a lot. So, now at mossPOP, you'll find an exciting new TAB called WAREHOUSE SALES wherein all such new-found treasures can be found. And because we have a new intern who has taken it as his mission to find long lost items, we will be adding to this category as we go along. But be warned, there is very often only one of each item. When there is more than one, we will so indicate. Early birds, worms, you know the rest.

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Designed by Volker Albus in 1999 and produced by the Blindenstalt von Berlin, this extraordinary brush was result of a collaboration between design studio Vogt+Weisenegger and the Berlin Institute for the Blind. The aim of the project was to "translate for the present day" time honored products, materials and working methods which have a 120 year tradition at the Institute for the Blind.

There's a very famous Japanese wrestler named Koichiro Kimura but we're pretty sure it's not the same Koichiro Kimura who designed this simple and elegant lunch box. Ironically, this box, which consists of three round containers and a lid, which can double as a serving plate, is made from an extremely tough polyeurethane and would probably withstand a round or two with the wrestler.
These two stainless steel sinks are out of production and have no hardware and we can tell you very little about them except they're quite terrific looking. They match each other absolutely and would work brilliantly in a two-sink bathroom, or even maybe a laboratory. They come from one of the great Italian bathroom fixture makers, Agape. And we have no idea why we still have them, but we do. Dimensions: 22" x 18" x 15" basin diameter.