MOSS BUREAU (the parent company of mossPOP) offers a select group of special works available by private sale. This work may be inappropriate for online purchase and therefore we are available by email, telephone or by appointment to give interested clients information or arrange viewing, or, of course, execute a sale.

To Be Continued bench
"This limited-edition Bench, from the series To Be Continued, uses repetitive actions existing within the production process as a tool, ironically, for highlighting differentiation as opposed to regularity. Multiple casts in a polyurethane composite, variously colored, are layered one on top of the next, creating a long series of slices which cause these remarkable works to gradually mutate - in a sense, imperfectly designing themselves." Murray Moss
"Saar Oosterhof creates a table 'landscape' - cloth + centerpiece bowl, all in one material, polyurethane with a 'gold' sheen. She unites the functional elements ("cloth") with the decorative (centerpiece bowl), making their union 'seamless' - a defining characteristic of Droog Design. In a gesture similar to Hella Jongerius's 1999 'Embroidered Tablecloth', in which the artist merges plate and cloth through the 'decoration', by literally sewing the two elements together, Oosterhof makes her own comment on the link between functional objects and the role of decoration, which was in fact re-introduced into the design vernacular through Droog." Murray Moss
Beeswax Amphora
"This exaggerated replica of a Greek Nolan Amphora, originally used for storing honey, was created by Libertiny using a custom-made mould, which he then mounted on a two-axis rotational frame. Incorporating several different qualities of beeswax to achieve a patina of age, this contemporary Amphora - a heroic, neo-archeological artifact - is cast in a material originating from flowers, as well as shaped in a vessel meant to contain flowers. The Amphora is reinforced on the interior with layers of fiberglass, and is mounted with polished stainless steel rings." Murray Moss
Vera Iachia vision rug
'Vision' rug
"The wonderful Portuguese designer Vera Iachia’s rugs are handcrafted in traditional Arraiolos wool, continuing in a contemporary vein one of the most famous embroidery traditions in Portugal. Iachia’s bold graphics challenges our optical faculties and plays with our sense of balance by virtue of the fact that it is intended to be placed on the floor - a surface that we inherently use for reference in regards to maintaining our stability." Murray Moss
Luminous table  Tokujin Yoshioka GlasItalia
"I've been following, with growing admiration, the work of Tokujin Yoshioka since he first arrived at Moss, ten years ago, unannounced, with his now-famous "Honey-pop" chair still flat under his arm. He surprised me with his sudden peeling open of the honeycomb paper, followed by his very quickly forming the chair by sitting on it (in a rather aggressive manner), giving it permanently the impression of his body. He left that chair for me as a gift, or rather, as his version of a kind of business card."

"Occasionally, an exceptionally fruitful relationship between a manufacturer and a designer develops: Enzo Mari for Danese, Philippe Starck for Kartell, Archille Castiglioni for Flos. This is the case between Tokujin and Glasitalia, the highly innovative, experimental, passionately directed and technically advanced Italian glass producer.

"Luminous table" is a remarkable new work introduced recently at the 2012 Milan Salone del Mobile. This table is the original prototype, the very first piece made, and is the table exhibited at the Fair, where I acquired it directly. It is remarkable for its engineering: the corners of the tabletop, where all of the planes of the glass converge, are engineered so beautifully as to suggest a faceted diamond, creating points of energy and reflection which become the "decoration" of this otherwise simple, reductive work. In its lightness and engineering, "Luminous table" embodies fully the development of Tokujin's unique approach - a kind of tecno-poetry, gleaned through his years of collaboration with masters Issey Miyake and Shiro Kuramata." Murray Moss
"Like the ‘Luminous table’ designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, this glass bench is one of seven produced by the preeminent Italian industrial glass producer GlasItalia. Each was a one-off prototype, created during a lengthy experimental research process, which led to a final production offering, necessarily different from these tour de force first examples, which premiered in April at the 2012 Salone del Mobile in Milan." Murray Moss

Fukasawa, former head of IDEO’s Tokyo office, and generally considered to be an ‘industrial designer’s designer,’ has created now-iconic works for MUJI, Vitra, B&B Italia, Driade, Magis, Artemide, Danese and Boffi which, in their totality, are representative of a Dieter Rams tenant: minimum design/maximum functionality. Fukasawa’s ‘Bent Glass Bench,’ shown here, is to me his most lyrical work to date, transforming a potentially stagnant object into a fluid, breaking wave. This one of two remaining prototypes. The production version of the bench does not have the seating indentations.