We're not perfect, okay? We have this giant warehouse
and sometimes maybe an item or two or ten gets inadvertently pushed to the back of one of the many shelves and maybe we sort of lose track of it and forget we have it.
We're busy, okay? It could happen to anyone. But then one day we find it again. Maybe years have gone by. Maybe there's a new President. In any case, as happy as we may be to see the thing again, we do realize that while this wonderful item may not be exactly what one would call stale, it surely is no longer exactly fresh. So the logical thing, the only thing, is to lower its price. Which is what we do. So as you can see, our human frailty devolves to your potential benefit. That's how we talk, here at the warehouse.

BLINDEN BARBELL MASSAGE BRUSH Philippe Starck Miniature n'est pas une Brouette Speziell Design CMYK felt & corian rings
Sale Price:$60.00
Designed by Volker Albus in 1999 and produced by the Blindenstalt von Berlin, this extraordinary brush was result of a collaboration between design studio Vogt+Weisenegger and the Berlin Institute for the Blind. The aim of the project was to "translate for the present day" time honored products, materials and working methods which have a 120 year tradition at the Institute for the Blind.

This is a small but important chair. First of all, it's not made by Vitra which makes 99 percent of miniature chairs in the world. It's made by XO which makes a lot of real full sized furniture designed by Philippe Starck who is a friend of ours. Second, it's cute. Third, it's now, because we misplaced it for a while, okay, four years, it's now relatively cheap. Really, I don't know what more you want.
From Speziell Design: "To present the potential of flock as a surface coating to the general public, an image campaign was developed for the Flock Association of Europe. This campaign was based on our product designs, which incorporate the various functional benefits of flock in a decorative manner. We also produced high-quality informational material that demonstrates the properties of flock based on sample products and explains the technical process of electrostatic flocking." The flocking fibres are pleasantly soft to the touch, make the ring size easily variable and are especially kind to the skin. Flocking is the process of depositing many small fiber particles (called flock) onto a surface. It can also refer to the texture produced by the process, or to any material used primarily for its flocked surface.
Collapsible Funnel Arne Jacobsen Stelton Cylinda salt/pepper
Sale Price:$15.00

Sale Price:$125.00

Sale Price:$75.00
Put the FUN back in funnel! This colorful collapsible funnel is simple and ingenious: it only takes up space when you're using it. Pushes flat for storage. The rubber-like material is soft, and flexible enough to be collapsed again and again and again and again, yet is rigid enough to keep its shape and can withstand hot and cold temperatures. I used to go out with someone like that. Never mind. It's a long story. Funnel in yellow or red. We funnel. You decide. Was $25. Now only $15.
The White Coral Spoon is by the great American designer Ted Muehling, for Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg. Coral inspires Muehling. It's as though you can feel the slightly rough, brittle surface of coral when you hold this delicate spoon in your hand. The haptic quality of the bisque porcelain is similar to that of the crustacean. I've always suspected that was the case, and now here's the proof. The best part is you can have as many of these spoons as you want now because instead of $420 each, which was ridiculous, they're only $125! I guess its just your lucky coral day.
Designed by Arne Jacobsen for Stelton, the Cylinda line series is a winner of the 1967 ID prize. The line is made of of 18/8 stainless steel with a matte finish and is a serene, functionalist design. It has won many awards, and has achieved what many believe to be the highest sign of recognition when it was included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the Danish Museum of Decorative Art in Copenhagen. Next stop your dining table?

Michael Young Dog house Donna Wilson Albert knitted wool creature

Sale Price:$400.00

Sale Price:$45.00
It's a happy design-loving dog, indeed, with his own house by Hong Kong-based designer Michael Young. Quite possibly inspired by the Jetsons, Young's dog house is made from stainless steel and rotational-molded polyethylene, which is my favorite kind. Comes complete with clever doggie steps which should be filled with with water for stability if you truly care about your dog. Also your dog needs to be under forty pounds or it will be too big for the house. Design, like Fashion, favors the thin. The price used to be an incredible-but-worth-it $1000, but is now only a trim $400. Photos are from the doghouse on display at Moss. Except for ones of Astro and Jetson's home base.
Scottish-born textiles queen Donna Wilson is a British Design Awards Designer of the Year. For more than ten years, she has been creating an entire alternate universe of curious, playful, irresistible knitted creatures, like this one, Albert, who is described this way: "Loves chicken chow mein. Dislikes waking up too early." Originally conceived as a toy for spoiled children, we have repositioned Albert as a DOG TOY. As you can see from the photo, Albert (which is also the dog's name) just LOVES his new toy. Make your dog happy today, whatever his or her name might be. Arf.
Now that we're able to eat eggs again, it's time you got yourself (or your loved one) properly set up for luxurious egg enjoyment with the highly regarded Belle egg cup and Bon egg spoon, designed and color coded by the great Konstantin Grcic for Nymphenburg, the also great porcelain manufactory in Germany. Made of glazed porcelain, each is tipped in a color (with this set it's grey). The idea is that if you have several people at the table and each wants his egg done to a different degree of doneness, the color coding keeps everything properly organized. You always know whose egg is whose. We offer a limited range of colors (see also black) because frankly we don't think there are that many people for whom this is a huge problem, so two seemed about right. If you happen to know one of those people, though, have we got a deal for you.
Morrison Wine cooler stand Moon Salt and Pepper Jasper Morrison Rosenthal
Landscape napkin rings
set of 4

Sale Price:$200.00
Ice bucket stand in 18/10 stainless steel mat  designed by Jasper Morrison. It thus continues the Alessi product range in an area that fascinates us: models that cross over from catering objects to those for private use. Designed based on specific briefings from restaurateurs, this item has often become a home and gift item - precisely because of its professional features. Dress up your picnic with these
elegant porcelain napkin rings
When Jasper Morrison designed the Moon dinner service for Rosenthal in 1997, no one expected it to become one of the most popular services of all time. They probably thought it would well, since Jasper is, after all, a great, thoughtful and talented designer and the line is well priced and made from elegantly simple white porcelain. But Moon essentially went over the moon, and became an immediate hit and has remained so for nearly twenty years. And here, if you're quick, are those iconic salt and pepper shakers. Tick tock.

steel sinks Agape
3 available

Sale Price:$195.00

List Price:$800.00
There's a very famous Japanese wrestler named Koichiro Kimura but we're pretty sure it's not the same Koichiro Kimura who designed this simple and elegant lunch box. Ironically, this box, which consists of three round containers and a lid, which can double as a serving plate, is made from an extremely tough polyeurethane and would probably withstand a round or two with the wrestler.
These two stainless steel sinks are out of production and have no hardware and we can tell you very little about them except they're quite terrific looking. They match each other absolutely and would work brilliantly in a two-sink bathroom, or even maybe a laboratory. They come from one of the great Italian bathroom fixture makers, Agape. And we have no idea why we still have them, but we do. Dimensions: 22" x 18" x 15" basin diameter.